Thursday, May 13, 2010

A blog!
And, I am actually writing in it.  I have been saying I was going to do this for quite a while.  But, to be quite honest...I am a whimp and I am slow to try new things, especially if they are anything techy.  And, me, a blog is somewhat techy.  Typically, I destroy anything that is computer related.  Just ask  my husband, Cade.  He has had to replace so many computers that I have mysteriously exterminated.  I just look at a computer and it has a hard drive meltdown or a battery malfunction.
But, enough!
I am now officially blogging.  Not that anyone need read.  It is purely for my own selfish enjoyment of monitoring and tracking life.
In fact, I am a horrible journalist for TWO reasons.  The first one being....I have TERRIBLE handwriting and it is painful for me to write my thoughts down on paper because not only is it very time consuming...and my handwriting is illegible even to me!  What good is a record if you can't actually READ the reports later on?  Secondly...I am a bit lazy.  If I have an extra 20 minutes, I have a difficult time forcing myself to sit down and write out my day's events. I just want to chill and read a book, or snuggle with my  kids and watch a mindless show for a few minutes.
I think that a blog will make all the difference cause I can type wicked fast...and I can READ it afterwards!  My typing is totally legible...go figure! 
So, just a quick recap on the last several months...ready?
*Ironman New Zealand, March 6th.  Finished....YAY.  But, had a terrible run with a knee that fell apart and made the experience very painful.  Brain and body hurt for weeks afterwards and felt very out of sorts and discouraged.
*Returned home and kept training my athletes, holding additional training camp for IM St. George and a great trip to Oceanside for 17 athletes.  Still feeling cruddy myself, but SO pleased with how awesome my athletes did!
*Kids are doing great!  Baseball games every week.  Gymnastics meets starting up and girls doing so terrific!  Making all the girls events, but having to miss too many of the boys baseball games cause of conflicts with work, girls events and being out of town for training camps and races.  Good thing Cade can be there...and boys are happy!  Favorite part of the day:  putting each kid to bed with a back rub and good conversation about their day and knowing that they are going to sleep happy and loved.  I know that I do a lot things that make me a sucky mom...but, I can say that I am the best at putting my  kids to bed and giving them the love they need to sleep happy and well.  I also make sure they have a big healthy breakfast every day.  The rest is just survival!
*Decide I will do IM St. George, but put ALL pressure off myself for anything other than just FINISHING the damn thing!  Happily eating mud pies and not worrying about doing ALL the training I would have normally tried to do.  Week of race, feeling good.  Knee is still an issue, but Steve Orrock helps with some physical therapy and keeps it taped for me before the race.
Night before race, feeling good.  Eat some awesome Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream for dinner and wake up feeling great.  Enjoy the ENTIRE race...happy and easy the whole time and go figure....qualify for Kona.  Crazy!  But, I'll take it. 
Week after Fezzari bike falls of the back of my car (went over bump and guess it wasn't loaded on tight enough...cause it just went flying right off the back!).  LUCKY!  Only aerobars are trashed.  Getting them fixed right now!
In the meantime. 
Seriously thinking about trying to qualify for Ironman 70.3 World Championships.
Grand Slam!
ITU World Championships in Budapest in September
Ironman World Championshiphs in Kona in October
Ironman 70.3 World Championshihps in Clearwater in Novermber

That would be so COOL if I could do that. 
Of course, I would like to stay married and have my children still call me mom.
I would also like to keep all my athletes happy and successful...
I think if I am smart, patient and manage my time, energy and resources well...I CAN DO IT!
And if not...
I would rather live my life trying to do things that excite and inspire me than look back on my life and wish I had tried things that looked hard and crazy! 
My mom and dad have lived that way and I think they are amazing!  If I can be like them...I will be proud!
All right...I have written an awful lot of stuff.  But, then again..this is mine and I can do what I want.  yeah.
Time to put the kids to bed.

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