Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today is Sunday and I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays.  Love that it is a day at home with the family.   But, being self-employed, I always have a lot of work to catch up, I end up on the computer for large chunks of the day to make sure athletes have all their training, the weekly email is sent out and other such issues are taken care of before I begin another week.
So, I have mostly completed my computer tasks and am feeling quite satisfied.
I even attended ALL 3 hours of church (halleh-frickin-uelah!).  I never want to sleep quite so badly as when I am at church.  I KNOW,  I is terrible.  But, it is so quiet, and warm and...I just want to lay down under my chair and snuggle into a little ball and slip into a peaceful happy oblivion.  Same with the temple...Sleep is like some siren calling me and it becomes painful in my efforts to resist!

So, I made it through church...yay me!
And came home and made my family the most TERRIBLE turkey burgers...ever!!!  The buns I bought were hard as rocks (don't place your bread on top of the microwave),  the onions had gone bad, the sweet potatoes I had sliced into little pieces didn't cook through and the veggies were really quite soggy.  All in all....really, really bad! 
BUT, the good news is:  I have spent my entire married life making really TERRIBLE food (that would be cause I am really a TERRIBLE cook...not cause I have necessarily intentionally tried to make really TERRIBLE food....I just don't really have the patience and desire to try harder!)...and so my family is used to it and made the best out of it and then went to make their own redemption meal later.
I figure in the long run I am doing them a favor.  You see, when they get married, they will have VERY low expecatations from their spouse on the food end of things, and they will be so THRILLED if they get great food that everyone will be HAPPY! 
My husband is a very terrific cook....SO, I figure when he is in all works out and my kids get a good meal every once in a while!

So, now I am getting ready for another week.
Plan on running A LOT (cause I know that is my weakness), swimming a bit and biking a bit more.
Gonna try and NOT overdo it cause I know I have a tendency to get pretty intense.
Mantra this week is:  LESS IS MORE!

Last week of school!  Yay and BOO!  Love having the break from the schedule.  BUT, it is definitely harder for me having the kids home all day cause I still have to work!  So, it gets a bit more complitcated making everything happen without neglecting the offspring!  But, it will be GREAT!!  We bought the Seven Peaks pass this year....figured it would give my kids a goal to get their jobs done and then I'll take them to play.  I am trying to get all clients/classes, etc. put together so I have afternoons and can play with the kids.
If it EVER gets warm...we are going to have a terrific summer!, Colten wants to get on the computer and he can be VERY persistent!  He's only 13...but that boy is one amazing little pest!  He should be a lawyer.  That's what I tell him...cause he can really get his way! 
And, that's that!

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