Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alive and Kickin' in Budapest

Day One is under my belt here in Budapest!
What a gorgeous City!
Got in late last night after about 24 hours of travel (5 hour layover in Detroit and 2 hour layover in Paris).  Easy enough traveling though.  I figure anything is pretty easy without kids. was!
After a terrific night's sleep (with Nichole Beckstead on one side and Kristin Kyle on the other side...yes, we are all sharing two twin beds that we have pushed together!), we woke today ready to go!
Only problem....the stupid, idiot, lame, loser airline LOST Nichole's luggage!
She has been a very good sport about the whole thing...but she is now starting to get a little (ok...maybe a lot) mad and freaked out that no one is helping her find it!  Every number we call is either out of order or no one answers. 
So, we have decided we are going to go back to the airport tomorrow morning and see what we can do in person. 
The crazy part is:  we SAW her luggage on the cart on the tarmac as we boarded the plane from Paris to Budapest.  So...where the HECK did it go??
Airlines SUCK!
But...on to more fun things!
We had an awesome run this morning along the Danube.  So pretty, and amazing to be running past all these historic buildings and monuments!
We also enjoyed some terrific food (cause...really, it's all about the running and food!).  I had Hungarian goulash and it was great!  The food here has been very good!
We also did a lot of walking and exploring today and got a better sense of the layout of the city.
Went to a Team USA bike ride tonight...but, had some mechanical issues (both Nichole and I) and ended up spending our time having the team mechanics help us fix the head set, wheels, etc.  But, everything is functioning well, bring on the speed baby!
Oh....and....the weather!  It has been raining and COLD since we got is supposed to stay rainy and cold for the rest of the week!  How awesome is that?! 
But, the good news is....I am just happy to be here and it isn't dampening my spirits!  In fact...I hope everyone else gets all bummed out and let's it affect them and then I can race right past them!  OK...that's not gonna happen...but, I can use that as a good motivator to keep me from getting bugged that I am fully clothed with 6 layers of warmth to keep me from freezing!  Glad I brought hats, gloves and pants as well as my teeny bikini (ok...not really the teeny bikini...but, you get the idea!)
We will be running the race course with Team USA and also Swimming the course.  Team pictures are also tomorrow night.  Gonna be FUN!
Also...of course...planning on our trip back to the airport .
AND...really want to make it to the a couple of museums cause I can't wait to learn more about Budapest and the history of this place! 
Finally...don't forget all the fabulous food I plan on eating tomorrow.  Didn't get near enough today (according to me) so, guess I'll just have to make plans to really live it up tomorrow!  yeah..I know, I''m racing...but, I really like, they'll just have to learn to get along!
So...Budapest is 8 hours ahead of Utah.  Which means it is 10:30 p.m. as I write this and that's time for BED for me!  And...along with food...I really like to SLEEP!  (I would make the best baby ever!)

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