Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Fun Times in Budapest

Day Two in Budapest was spent  mainly with Team USA stuff, getting ready for the race and still trying to find Nichole's Lost Luggage.
Yes....we are now on 3 days and no luggage for Nichole.  It has been very stressful for her.  We even drove out to the airport yesterday just to try and get some help in person.  NO LUCK.   They pretty much just said..."wait".  No real help there.
So...good thing is that Nichole has both Kristin and I with clothes and luggage can keep her clean, clothed and doing pretty well.
We ran the course is gorgeous!  We run over the same bridge three times (it is the oldest bridge in Budapest, called the Chain Bridge).  And we also run right past the Cathedral we are staying right next to (St. Stephens Cathedral)...the largest cathedral in Budapest.  The streets are all cobbled and so charming.  I am enjoying just walking them right now....but it is going to be so cool to run them on Sunday.  All the streets are going to be completely closed for the we are going to be owning the city for the day.  Fun!
We also swam yesterday.  We are swimming in a side tributary of the Danube (so...all the cold water without the incredible current).  Water temp is FREEZING!!  It is around the low 50 degrees right now!  BRRRRR......
But, we swam and it was fine once we acclimated.
Bikes are also good.  Rode around town yesterday and everything felt good.  So...that was fun and a great way to see a ton of sites!
After doing all those fun events, we hired a taxi and rode out to the airport.  No luck on the luggage, so we just turned around and came back.  DANG...poor Nichole!
Finally, ended the day with Perfection! 
Got ourselves a nice little gelato (of course there is a gelato shop right next to our hotel) and we went and sat on the large steps of St. Stephens Cathedral and listened to the bells ringing while we enjoyed our gelato and chilled.  It was truly perfect!

Today is going to be all about sightseeing!  Planning on doing the hop on hop off bus and then going to as many museums and sites as possible!  It is really our only training free/triathlon not focused day so far.  So, I have every intention of enjoying every moment of sightseeing!
Nichole and Kristin are both terrific traveling companions and we are having a terrific time!
Off to see Budapest!

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