Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Europe sure ain't Utah! Post race recap and post race fun!

Just a quick check in with you guys. 
Budapest was absolutely AMAZING!!  I can't even begin to tell you how cool it was to be swimming in the Danube, biking around Budapest and running through some of the most historic and beautiful sights EVER!  If you ever get a chance to race over here in europe...DO IT! ! 
The race was flat and fast!  I had about 15 different people ask me about my bike and make comments on how nice it was!  I also wore my PowerTri visor and my black PowerTri long sleeve shirt so I would be representing!  I feel pretty good about my race efforts.  I sure wish I could swim just THAT MUCH faster, ride just THAT MUCH faster and definitely RUN just THAT MUCH faster!  That way I would be placing just THAT MUCH better!   I ended up racing a 2:10 time and placing 16th.....but, that is at a World championship.  So...I am pretty pleased with that.  I just know that I could do better....but, maybe that is just because I am always thinking I could be doing better.
Guess that's what keeps me motivated to keep trying.
But, I sure am enjoying just the joy of being able to do what I am doing!
 So, after the race we went to the awards ceremony and party and then got about 2 hours sleep before we got on a train (with ALL our race gear, bikes, bike box, etc.) and went up to Vienna.  Spent 2 days there...totally awesome and amazing and loved every minute of it....and we hopped on another train (and I mean hopped cause between two bikes and all our gear it is a miracle we made it) and have now arrived in Prague.  Yet another amazing place!  Oh...and I ran 3 hours along the Danube yesterday morning which was the best pre-Kona run I could have done!  I also rode my bike this morning for just a short hour before heading to the train to head into Budapest.  I was hoping to do a long ride here in Europe...but, it's tough between getting lost, not having enough time and all the cobblestone roads!  I am thinking I will try and ride here in Prague and even get in a short run along the Moldau.  We'll see what tomorrow brings for weather as well....cause man it has been wet here!  Lots of rain!! 
Anyways...we'll spend just one more day here in Prague, head into Paris for 2 days and then Home again! 
It's been a great trip and an amazing experience!
Hope you are all doing well!
See you next week, when I decide to do some real training again...cause Kona is only THREE weeks away!  Time to get to work again!

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