Sunday, September 26, 2010

All righty!  I am home and think that Utah is....A pretty Great Place!  Hey that should be their slogan.  And, I think the beehive should be their symbol...cause we are all so industrious.  And, the seagull should be the state bird cause of that whole cricket fiasco way back when.  I am SO ingenious.  Maybe I should offer these ideas to the big wigs up on Capitol Hill.
So, I am a little funky right now.  Meaning...even though I absolutely, positively without a doubt LOVE traveling....I am not super confident that traveling loves me as much!  I think my two weeks in Europe packed a few pounds on me (at least it sure feels that way...and I really didn't even eat half as much as I do at's just the quality of the food...and way too much bread..cause it's everywhere and I was desperate!)   That was a very long side thought!  And...I didn't get in that consistent training and recovery that I would have gotten in at home. And now I am really fatigued and don't even WANT to be training!  Lame! you think for even a minute that I wouldn't have gone to Europe just for those very silly, minor detail reasons?  I KNOW...Kona is next weekend and I am afraid my (what feels to me) out of shape self is going to suffer a little too much....but, traveling around to those awesome cities in Europe and getting to learn so much more about the people and the history and the architecture and just the whole experience....It was totally worth it!
So..bring on Kona and the dark hole of Hell!  I'm up for it!! (I think!)...
I figure the worst I can do is walk and end up really, really, really last.  At least I am there and living the experience.
I just don't want to let people down that have been so supportive and excited for me!  That is one risk I guess we take when we involve others in our activities, huh.  Well, bring it.  I'll do the best I can with what I have on the day I race!  And...I am determined to ENJOY every minute of it (even when it isn't super enjoyable I still plan to find a way to make it good!)
I am also looking forward to spending a good 10 days with Cade!  Poor soul had to cover my butt for 2 solid weeks while I played in Europe.  It's pay back!  Hopefully he enjoys this time in Hawaii.  Leave it at that!
Kids are doing super!  Spent all day Saturday at boy's baseball games.  Weather was awesome, games were great and I double dutied my time by preparing my Relief Society lesson.  Glad I got that over with today!  And...I think it even went ok.  phew.  Maybe I won't be kicked out...yet!
I have also been cleaning my house cause my awesome (but very clean) in-laws are going to be watching our kids while we are in Kona.  Do you have any  idea the kind of pressure I feel (I is self created pressure) that my house is NOT a total disgusting disaster for my in-laws?  My husband doesn't even care...but, I told always reflects on the woman if a home is not clean!  I don't want to be looking like a slob!  I mean I am already leaving my kids AGAIN to go on yet another least have a clean house when you abandon your family!  Priorities, people! I am simply blabbering on about very silly things (that seems to take up too much of my mind power and energy). 
I am a very deep and thoughtful person as you can tell by this underwhelming post.
With that I will bid anyone that actually made it to this point, Adieu!

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