Saturday, September 11, 2010

Twas the Night Before the Race and All Through The House.....

Still here in Budapest and haven't been lost permanently, arrested or killed by a car or angry Hungarian! 
All is well!
Visited an amazing museum today called "House of Terror" that documented all of the horrible events that have happened here in Budapest/Hungary during WWII and during the Cold War.
No wonder the people here are not quite....friendly....
They are helpful...enough, but they don't quite warm up to you (or maybe it's just ME!)
They also seem to have a somewhat resigned attitude towards their lot.  meaning....they just shrug their shoulders and say "ehhh...just wait"  or "Eeet Eees Eempossible" when we ask them if we can go here or do that. 
I think a solid couple of generations of communism could do that to a people!
Anyways...been so preoccupied with learning about this beautiful area and just trying to not get permanently lost in this place that the race hasn't been giving me too much nerves or stress.
But...NOW...the night before the race...Time to FOCUS! 
It has been SOOO wet that everything is sloshy and I feel like a prune from head to toe.  But, it hasn't been as cold today and that makes me verrrryyy  happy!
We set up our bikes at transition today and it is great!
we also watched the men's elite (pro) race and it was impressive!  Those guys can fly!
It was also so cool cause on our way to set up our bikes at transition we were allowed to take them right over the chain bridge (the most amazing bridge here in budapest) while it was closed to all traffic.  So...just Nichole and me, riding our bikes over the bridge.  We made sure to document it with some pics!  It was awesome!
So, tonight was a perfect dinner with some pasta and then back to our room to get all our soggy gear packed in our bags and then we will be heading out to the Metro to take the train to our race at about 5:30 a.m. (or about 9:30 p.m. for US time!)
Haven't done much swimming, biking or running over the last 5, I hope to feel very FRESH and ready to race tomorrow morning! 
Here goes!!

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